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Russian lawyers are ready to help you in wide range of complicated Russian legal matters.

Now Russia is the country for the new business opportunities, the best area for your investments, the largest growing market. And your success at this market depends on the qualified legal support. Only experienced Russian lawyers are able to offer this support in constantly changing Russian legal environment.

If you wish to extend your business to Russia or you have commercial links to Russiancompanies and you would like to be fully confident that your activity is in a strict accordance with Russian laws - contact us and be absolutely sure you are in a right way!

We are ready to help any companies and individuals from all over the world. We have an experience of work with clients from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey etc. We are open for everybody.

Main practicing areas:
Arbitration; Administrative Law; Business and Commercial Law; Civil and Appellate Procedure; Contracts; Corporate Law; Civil law; Insurance; Intellectual property; International law; Investments; Labor and Employment Law; Property Law; Taxation.
    Advocates of the Office are able to carry out authentic, qualified and quick translation of legal documentation from English into Russian languages and vice versa with following assurance.

You can reach our Law Office as follows:
Telephone: (7-095)917-9307
Telefax: (7-095)917-1394
By Mail: Suite 410-411, 3/5 M. Poluyaroslavsky lane, 107120, Moscow, Russia
By e-mail:

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